Since 1970, Yuke Machine development and manufacture of Briquette Machine,is a professional rotary dryer manufacturer and briquetting machine suppliers.


Briquetting Machine series of products include the High Pressure Wet Type Briquetting Machine, the High Pressure Dry Powder Briquetting Machine,the Double Output Briquette Machine,the Charcoal Briquette Machine,Hydraulic Briquetting Machine, Briquette Making Machine, Charcoal briquetting Machine and Metal Briquetting Machine etc.YUKE  Briquetting Machine is used for making coal fines, coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, iron ore fines, cast iron fines, mill scale, manganese ore fines, phosphor gypsum powder and other material fines into briquettes. The final briquette balls of YUKE Machine can be pressed into round, oval, oblate, pillow, square, star, heart and so on. As the best briquetting machine suppliers, YUKE Machine can design and manufacture the Briquetting Machine with hydraulic system based on customers' demand.


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