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The Features of Coal Briquetting Machine

The Features of Coal Briquetting Machine


The briquetting machine is among the coal-forming digesting gear. Being put together the various moulds, you will get the actual spherical ball. The actual coal briquetting machine is not only applicable to single machine processing, but also towards the large-scale fossil fuel briquetting manufacturing collection. Briquetting Machine series of products include the High Pressure Wet Type Briquetting Machine, the High Pressure Dry Powder Briquetting Machine,the Double Output Briquette Machine,the Charcoal Briquette Machine,hydraulic Briquetting Machine, Briquette Making Machine, Charcoal briquetting Machine and Metal Briquetting Machine etc. Coal briquetting machine is especially employed for producing coal ball, and contains crank as well as connecting fishing rod for ramjet, small form, stable function, use and maintenance conveniently. 

YUKE Briquetting Machine is used for makingcoal the metal scraps/filing ,metal powder(such as Iron scraps, sponge iron powder, iron powder, mill scale, copper scraps, copper powder, aluminum scraps, aluminum powder etc.), the coking coal powder or coal powder into briquettes. The final briquette balls of YUKE Machine can be pressed into rcylinder,square,rectangle and so on. 

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YUKE Machine is the professional briquetting machine manufacturer, specialized in briquette machine for sale, and our products have the advantages of large output, low energy consumption, high wear resistance, low noise, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection. YUKE briquetting machine suppliers can choose and recommend the required equipment specifications for customers, and according to customer needs to design and manufacture with hydraulic system Briquette Machine.  

At the same time, we freely design the process flow of the whole briquette production line for customers and provide the quotation and technical parameter of each equipment for customers. If necessary, we also go to the customer’s site to carry out field survey planning and technical exchange for the customer. And we sincerely invite customers to our company(the best rotary dryer manufacturer and briquetting machine suppliers) for field visits.

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